Thursday, February 11, 2010

Romancing the snow

It's gorgeous today in a way that makes me know that winter is losing its icy grip. Mild and sunny. A hint. A tease. Not January thaw material. Thank god, those days have passed. We're pulling up to the turning point. The defining line. A real moderation in meteorological terms. Longer days. Better sunshine. Melting snow. A valentine from Mother Nature herself. A veritable romance!

My muscle memory kicks in. Now, I remember what to do when the temperatures moderate and the crocus receives notification from the warming soil to start reaching for the sun. Head outdoors into the bliss. Like a new lover in those early heady days of infatuation. We're off. Bailey and I. A stroll through our village neighborhood with a spring in our steps and the hope of new discoveries.

Cheers ... to spring eternal!

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