Friday, March 30, 2012

Revelling in the Lemongrass ... jump-starting my life in a tuk-tuk!


It has been a long time since this steel magnolia appeared on the scene.  But here I am.  A wiser, more polished sixty-something yearning for moving to the edge of my comfort zone.

So I am doing it. Yes. Following through on the dreams ruminating earlier in these columns. Relocating to Indochina on at first a temporary basis as an expert volunteer at a rights-based NGO in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And with good fortune and the ancient Angkor god-kings shining benevolently, I hope to secure a real (read: salaried) position which leverages my real (read: seasoned and experienced) professional background.

And to top it off I leave Monday. This Monday, April 2nd!

I can soon be found half-way across the globe exploring and adventuring in the tufts of mosquito-repelling lemongrass at the confluence of three great Southeast Asian rivers. 

Join me as my ramblings continue from the batik-covered back seat of a tuk-tuk surrey with the fringe on topcarefully balancing over bumpy roads chilled martini up three olives in hand ... as we wend through streets crowded with motos, cars, people, ox carts and the occasional elephant!

Cheers to new happenings, fresh perspectives and a zany sense of the absurd in the enchanted Kingdom of Cambodia whose tragic past is just that ... in the past ... and the air is a-buzz as this ancient country emerges onto the global stage!