Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broadcast News

On a scale of one to ten today is an eight point five. An almost picture perfect February day. It is nearly fifty degrees outside. The sky cloudless and the color of lapis. Little snow remains from the storm earlier this week. Birds chirp. Squirrels race. I want to not wear my Barbour parka or a scarf on my walk through the awakening neighborhood! Bailey pulls firmly and often on her leash for sniffs in the muddy yards off the sidewalk. Defying tugs to the contrary from her Gentle Leader. I can almost see the purple crocus poking through the softer earth. Soon budding forsythia will emerge from the grey wintermelt. A fresh perspective.

Today's a day for news. Good news. That elevates the overall score to a nine point five. The judges have pushed it up a notch. Elated, I take a quick, graceful spin around the rink smiling. Arms waving to the exuberant crowd. Thunderous applause. I nod. My sparkles shining incandescent. More cheers. Celebrations of a connection from my career's prior life. New York City. The heady 1980s. MTV-laced innovations. Creative programming. Multiple media platforms intertwined, leveraging the message. Marshall McLuhan smiles. Professor Jeannet, too. This former SATC girl is back with a flip of my shoulder length chestnut hair.

Opportunity to make good where I left off. Telecommunications empires. Emerging technologies. Broadcast media building radio and television groups in the digital age. Viral marketing across networks pixilated. Bytes a buzz. Branding in the brave new e-economy. The confluence of broadcast, interactive and wireless media. A lift. The much needed vote of confidence in all that I was ... and all that I can be.

Am I worthy? Talented enough? Who knows? Who cares? Just let me bask in the moment. Go Team Allie. The A team! Competitors start your engines this girl is back.

Cheers ... and another olive please!

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