Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Banana-fanna-fo-fanna ... fee-fi-mo-mana ... banana!

Okay. The name sucks. That's what I have been hearing. So shoot me. I had a few moments to go on my S-day. Right down to the wire. Late late on my deadline date. January 1. I had, after all, promised myself I would start my musings on the very first day of 2010. How could I fail at my one resolution? Well I also wanted to lose 15 pounds ... but that one is perennial. Get those holiday wrappers off before daylight savings kicks in.

So January 1 was winding down. And there is a time-date stamp on blogspot. I was racing against the clock. Literally. Couldn't be out of sync. Not in lock step with the calendar. No way.

Time was a'wasting. And I hadn't put one word on the page. Not one. Had thrown up all night. Not from celebrating. If only. Nope. A fast moving tummy bug caught me in her vices. So the hours were ticking away and this had to begin. But to begin I needed a URL. My own very unique spot in cyberspace. Where I could pontificate. Hold court. Or, just plain ramble. Couldn't get one word on the page until I chose the name. Unchangeable, to boot. A commitmentphobe, I numbed out. Writer's block. Every creative juice flowing out of my body. A blank slate.

So what's a girl to do? Grab one out of the freakin' air? So I asked my muses. Neither was helpful. They had partied New Year's Eve. I was left to my wobbly seasick grayish-green self. You get the point. I was lost. Nada. Nothing. Rien. Hey, if I couldn't name the blog, how could I pen a daily column? Ended up plagiarizing a greeting card sent many years ago to a divorcing friend. Not even true to its name. Bombay gin martinis here. Not vodka.

Net net ... I am renaming the blog. Can't alter the web address. But can edit the title. Drum roll. Hark loyal readers! A contest. No prizes but the satisfaction you are more clever and creative than I. Name that blog. Choose one from below or doctor one up. Blend a few together. Add a spray of vermouth. Shake. Pour into a stemmed v-shaped glass. Plop in a few olives. Voila. You get the picture. I need a drinkin' buddy. And, a new name.
  • Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass [couldn't help myself ... apologies Mr. Carroll]
  • Twas Brillig ... So It Seems! [another nod to Lewis from this Alice in her very own Wonderland]
  • Wanderlust and Lace: The Ramblings of a Sassy Adventurer
  • Sweet Peace and Time Well Lived
  • Magnolias, Skyscrapers and Double Yellow Lines: A Former Southern Belle Takes to the Highway
  • Ramblings From the Road Less-Traveled
  • Musings From A Fork in the Road
  • Amuse-Bouches From A Life Well-Traveled
  • Madcap Ramblings from a Sassy Wanderer
Cheers! Happy noodling ... until tomorrow.


  1. For the Alice in Wanderland in all of us, I like your "When life hands..." title. It describes both a journey and a funny approach to life, adult with a spirited smile. That said, you have some very good alternatives, my other favs being "Alice's Adventures..." and "Magnolias, Skyscrapers... ".

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