Monday, February 8, 2010

Miss Bailey: Won't You Come Home?

Momma came downstairs from her bedroom this morning smelling all pretty. I wagged my tail and smiled so she would rub my ears and take the gookums out of the corners of my eyes. That sandy stuff that my too long nails just won't get. I love my Momma. So much. So much that I go everywhere in the house she does. Trip her sometimes. But she's my Momma and she loves me most of the time. I am so glad to see her. Wonder what we are going to do today.

Yay! Momma's pouring my food into the dish. I know. I can hear the clink when it hits the shiny bowl. Boring though. No variety. So I just sit in my crate and stare at the corner. Hint, hint. Right where my bowl should be. Hey, Momma, this girl's hungry. If I stare long enough she'll give me a TREAT. And ... if I am really lucky and stare until my eyes cross she hands me a slice of ham or a scoop of cottage cheese. Mmmmm. Nums.

Where is she? Oh there she goes. Momma just disappeared through the door to nowhere. Just vanishes. Okay. I hear the rattling in the place under the house ... and ... oh never mind ... here she is. Wag wag smile. Wow gotta move aside. She is carrying a basket the size of my bed. My tail just can't stop wagging this morning. Now I really have to tink. Oooh, but it feels so good when she scratches my neck. I can hold it a little bit longer. Oh. Okay. Here we go. Across that slippery ground where the big white things hold her treats. Not mine hers.

Oooh ... hurry Momma, I gotta tink. Bummer. My paws are not gripping this morning. I am stalled right before the door that we go through when we go for a RIDE. She helps me through. My tail wags and wags. Maybe, just maybe we are going to get in the car. Nope. The opening to the house where the car is hiding is not rolling up. Poop. No RIDE. Brrrr. It's freezing. Tears come to my eyes. I bop down the back stairs fast. Gotta make my morning tink and sniff around the yard. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I sniff as I tink. My most fun thing to do is finding the new scents on the bushes. A mouse must have run by the porch steps. I bump my nose. Mouse must be in the house. How does he get there? A new smell. I scamper to the snowbank next to the driveway. Yep. I thought so. That crazy yellow boy, Moby, from next door broke through his barrier fencing and popped over to play. Here's his stink by the garage. Phooey. Wish I had been OUTSIDE. I growled and barked as quiet as I could 'cause my Momma hates me to bellow even though she talks and talks and talks. But no. She didn't appear. That yellow boy is fun to chase. A real whipper-snapper. And, his butt smells pretty darn good if I say so myself.

Ooops. Careful. I am not paying attention. Definitely don't want to hear that scary shrill beep before the zap to my neck from my hot pink necklace. I have two. I am such a girl. The other Momma calls my sundress. Not sure what that means, but everyone rubs my neck and tells me how pretty I am. So I have two. I love my jewelry. But I am not fond of toys. The squeak startles me. And I get confused when that round thing rolls toward me. They all stand around waiting for me to pick the grimy thing up. No way. I'm a prissy girl. Unless I can chew it and swallow nothin' is going in my mouth. Not this girl.

Yippee. She's calling me to go for a WALK. I love my WALKS around the 'hood. Smells to sniff. Dogs to sniff. I am a sniffing machine. Oh oh. Oh darn. Momma's closing the door as soon as I got into the house. And, oh no, she's making that rattling noise in the hole to keep me inside. Poop. I have no idea whether she'll be gone for little bit or the whole day until it gets dark this afternoon.

At least she hid some TREATS. Yep. There's one by my water bowl. And, one under the collar of my stuffed Christmas bear with the very long body. I am starvin'. Just famished. But I am not going to eat the food in my bowl. Nope. Not yet. Let me root out some more TREATS. Groovy. She placed one under the corner of my smelly, cushy Kalim floor cushion. I love it when she does that. Oh! And there's my BREAKFAST. Won't eat it just yet. Momma might have forgotten to take me. She did say WALK. I don't want her to pop in and I have a mouth full of kibble. She might change her mind.

I'll just curl up in the sun and wait ... and wait ... and wait .. until my Momma comes home.

Cheers, Momma! Come back before tomorrow, please.

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