Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miss Bailey: Needles, Schmeedles ... Just give me a treat!

I am so excited this morning. First Momma added this nummy gooey egg to my BREAKFAST then tossed one of the big red beef bones for my dessert. What is going on? This is the bestest start to a wet wet wet drippy day. Extra taste treats in my shiny dish. Mmmmm. Nums. What could be better?

Yep. It is nasty outside. But I love it. More things to sniff while I tink. But so oh so much harder to do my morning toilette on the cold white snow. The biggest heaps in the yard are almost gone. No place to get a grip with my too long nails. Momma? We got to cut them down so I don't slide. Please! But hey, I love it. Absolutely love it when I come back INSIDE and you rub me all over with the fluffy towel so I don't puddle the slippery floor. You are such a wonderful Momma. I just cannot stop loving you and getting as close as possible. Please don't be mad if I bump into you. Can't you tell? I am smiling my most beautiful smile. My tail is wagging hard.

Now a RIDE? Whimpering with joy and running in circles. I cannot help myself. I am a dancing fool. Momma, do you really mean it? I am such a lucky girl. Yes! Oh goody. You are pulling the black braided leash off the bamboo umbrella rack. You mean it! My tail wags my entire body. Hurry Momma. Grab your keys so we can go before you change your mind. Oh wow. You just took off my hot pink buzz collar. You mean business. I am so excited. You are the best Momma ever. C'mon hurry. I can't get down the back steps fast enough. Sorry, Momma. Didn't mean to knock into you. But I am so excited. Oh there goes the garage door. Up up to the top. I see the silver car. We are going for a RIDE!

She stopped and is getting ready to get out. The sweet scents of other dogs mix into the air. I am going to push over to the door and just know she will take me, too. I know this place. My wagging tail makes me look like a fool. I am ecstatic and am going in circles in the pouring rain. My black braided leash tethering me to Momma. Her balance is off. I am tripping her. She wants me to tink. But I am too damned excited. That can wait. Yippee. We are going INSIDE.

I know this place. I love this place. Did I say I LOVE IT HERE? I do. There are three other pretty black Lab girls just like me. One even has a white beard so she must be related. Over there is a teeny baby golden fluff ball. One very silly looking dog wearing the funniest white hat around his head is coming over to sniff. I wag my entire butt. Momma is begging me to SIT. She has the strongest hold on my collar. I just can't help myself. I have to smell that bad boy's bottom. Oh they are calling my name: "Bailey, please bring your Momma." I don't want to leave. Not yet. I am whimpering and squealing under my breath. This is way too much fun for lonely me. Momma pulls me into the next room to SIT on the black pad.

Whew! I have kept my girlish figure. Even with all the TREATS I beg for. It is so worth it. Sixty-five pounds. Momma hands me another cookie. I am one lucky girl! Oh here is that nice man who kisses me on the head and rubs my belly. Whoa, Nellie. He is sticking that into my leg? I am bleeding. I want to faint. But he has a TREAT in his hand so I will be a good girl. I want that TREAT. Darn. Now he is squeezing my hips and reaching under for a grab. Hey, not there unless you are Shadow. Another stick between my shoulder blades. What the hell is going on? Oh nevermind. Another TREAT. Phew. He stands up. Rubs my head. Yay! A bone-shaped cracker from the drawer.

Now I want to get out of here ... fast. Really have to make that tink. Ooops. Can't help myself. The smells on the mat by the door are just too good to be true. And Momma is taking so long with the ladies and her purse. I squat low so they don't notice. But they do. Oh well. I feel so much better. Whew. Momma is not pleased. Not one bit. She tightens her grip. I never do that on the floor. Never. But, hey, what's a girl to do?

Cheers ... and an extra TREAT for my buddies still in the waiting room at the vet. I am one lucky girl.

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