Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss Bailey: Hole in the Bowl

It snowed again. I am so glad. Love to tink and sniff the cold white powder. In fact I seek out the snow when only the tiniest patch remains in my outdoor coop. C'mon Momma. Hurry. Open the door so I can scamper down the back porch steps into the fluff outside. Oh baby. Here I go! It is so much easier to see the tracks when the ground is covered white. Squirrel trails circle around the barn. Ooowee. So many smells. Need to explore every nook and cranny. I am a happy girl. My tail just won't stop wagging.

Oh, did I forget to tell you? Bailey girl here. Momma let me have a spin this morning. She is the best person a dog could ever want. I am always as close to her feet as I can get. Even when her low, mean voice spits out MOVE. I cannot help myself. I have to be with her. She's my Momma after all.

Momma sometimes calls me Bailey Rose for her grandmother Rosie. Momma tells everyone who will listen that my titties hang to my knees. Just like Rosie's. Embarassing. But I know they wobble from having too many pups. Yep. Three times. I come from Georgia. I'm what you polite northerners call a harlot. A barnyard girl. Well darn if Shadow didn't place his front paws on my back and well ... you know. Rode me like a circus animal. I just loved him. Our babies were black as the night. But then they were all gone. Adopted. And there I was alone. My tummy full of even more baby puppums.

Oh here she comes with that big shovel to clear the drive. I am going to get as close as I can so she can toss some of the white stuff on my head. I love that. Oh nevermind. Mackinaw, the pretty yellow dog next door, is outside barking for me to come to my buzz zone for our morning chat. Momma, I'll be right back.

Hey. Where is she? I must have missed her while I was being neighborly with Mac. Poop. I want to go back inside where it is warm. The snow is making my feet freeze. And, I am hungry. Oh goodie. I am smiling big. Momma is coming up the driveway with the shovel and the blue plastic bin for last week's papers. She rubs my neck. My tail is wagging so much I nearly fall over. Can we go inside yet? Pleeze Momma?!

Goodie. I run under her feet as she climbs the wooden steps to the porch door. She loses her balance and steps on me. I almost let out a yelp, but want to go inside so bad. Pleeze Momma don't be mad. At the top of the stairs I sit down blocking the storm door. That way she will have to let me inside. Especially if I am a polite girl. Nope. She squeezes around me and vanishes into the warm kitchen. I want my breakfast.

Finally she lets me onto the cold porch with the screens to keep out the birds and bugs. We play the towel game while she clears the packed snow from between the pads. I smile and wag my tail so she knows how happy I am to be with her and on the way inside. I trip her again as we crowd through the door at the same time. The basket of popcorn under the microwave falls off. Ooops. I race past her slipping on the shiny floor, but rally in a jiffy and head to my crate. My dining room. I sit and stare at the corner like I always do so she will know I want something to eat. Breakfast or supper or a treat.

I smile and wait patiently staring at the corner of the floor in my kennel. Hint hint. My tail goes back and forth on the brown woven rug. Just like on a clock. Tick tock. Hurry Momma. Bring me my breakfast in the sparkly dish. Oh hurray. Here it is. I wolf it down. Fast. Then I look around the bowl. Some must have fallen out. I am still hungry. I move it with my feet looking. Searching. Hoping. This girl is still famished. Reluctantly I lie down staring constantly at the bowl. Maybe I'll be a lucky girl and Momma will add something else. Nope. All done. I let out a big sigh and fall asleep.

Cheers ... lamb-rice-chicken kibble all around. Until supper ...

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