Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recipe for a Steel Magnolia

Prep Time: 59 years
Serves: Graciously

  • In a cast-iron cauldron stir some spicy confidence mixed with a touch of southern grace.
  • Blend in a schtick of northeastern sophistication and a pinch of sass.
  • Add a soupçon of irreverence, a splash of wit and sprinkle generously with a sense of self.
  • Gently fold in a mixture of humility and compassion letting the mixture soften.
  • Place in a temperate oven overnight to infuse the nuanced flavors.
  • Serve this warm dish with a splash of soul and a dollop of sweet confections.

A delicious accompaniment for friendly buffets, dinner parties extraordinaire or a casual, intimate affair. Also stands well on its own.

Cheers to an old favorite tried and true. Bon appétit!

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