Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

Valentine's Day. Unites the world in a celebration of love. All kinds. A mid-winter romance with a warmer sun and the hint of what's to come. A peek. A tease. A lighter spirit. Unconditional family love despite, well, anything. Friendships spanning time, distance or moods. Neighbors around the corner whose passing smiles and chicken soup are welcome, unexpected gifts. Dear friends. The darling ones who touch my soul in ways unimaginable. Connections appreciated. Cherished.

I'm one of the lucky ones. Single women, that is. Realistic expectations. Boo-hiss on the medieval traditions of European culture and Renaissance declarations of courtly love where St. Valentine is inextricably linked to romance and fleeting passion. Down with the ancient Chinese custom of dining on black noodles to mourn my single life. Thumbs up to our south of the border neighbors where throughout Latin America acts of appreciation are shared generously with friends and family. No lonely old maid here! A vibrant, passionate adventurer delighted in the treasures I love along the way.

Raise your glass of bubbly. Toast love. Not the watered down Hallmark version, but to imagining the possibilities and finding bits of love. Braided together lovingly. A most bedazzled, rope intertwining magical moments from across the years.

Cheers to heart-shaped confections iced pink, chocolate dipped strawberries, deep pink tulips, lacy doilies, satin ribbon and red feathers ... ooops! ... a girl can hope ;-)

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