Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

Ooops. My balance beam is not as steady as last week. Or yesterday for that matter. Shaky. Not anchored securely to the floor. Untethered I bounce, sea-sawing. Flailing arms spread to either side. Palms down. Whew. I steady myself. Shaken. Overwhelmed. It is all catching up with me today. Deep breathing needed. Zen-like words of inner wisdom required. I am teetering and losing confidence. Boot straps tripping my gait. A whiny, sniveling mess today.

Career in limbo. Dead in the water. Weight loss slowing to a snail's pace. Zero metabolism. My GPS askew. Compass needs a major adjustment. Pronto. Change of direction. Follow those dreams. Right the rights and move along. Who the hell said this would be easy? To be caught out of sync?

Where is that warm steady hand on my shoulder guiding me over the bumps ahead. Gotta reach deep inside for this one. Grab my upbeat, confident self by the ying-yang and pull her back into the sun. Quickly. Head back onto the road motoring through all that ails me with my 'this, too, shall come to pass' joie de vivre. My footing grounded as I tread the slippery slope against the tide.

Apologies, gentle readers, for the momentary set back. Tomorrow is another day. One I will approach with renewed gusto. Gotta scare the heebie-geebies back into remission.

Cheers ... and great appreciation for staying with me. Today's are on the house.

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  1. Get it together girlfriend...I have faith in you, now you need some for yourself.