Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's in the cards. Or, is it?

Now I am confused. Totally bewildered by the readings of my Tarot cards for the past two days. Yikes. They are diametrically opposed.

Yesterday my Tarot card applauded this boundaryless journey of mine. I was emerging into the sunlight unencumbered. Downright positive, actually. The World: Fulfillment of one's dreams and hopes. The World is literally at your feet! The journey that began with the Fool is now complete with the World. The universe's energies are at your command now. Act with bravery and confidence that what you have worked for is here. The end of a long journey. Completion. Reward. Accomplishment. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Success and attainment. The sum of all things coming together to work for same cause.

Today's jolts me back into the inertia, the paralysis that has gripped me of late crippling my confidence to move away from my cocoon and into the new life paradigm that is bubbling up inside pushing me forward on a new path. Eight of Cups Reversed compromises my new-found confidence: Stay where you are, this is not the time to be searching for anything or to go on a trip. Patterns need to be broken. Rules of relationship have been broken and need redefining. Time to let others in to help as you cannot do this alone. The journey you thought you had to take is uncertain. Perhaps everything will be okay.

Tomorrow who knows what the universe will reveal by way of direction. I need to sort this out. Delve deep. According to The World my journey has ended, overjoyed to have emerged into the light, whole and satisfied. But that cannot be. I am still at the station awaiting transport which will speed me along a redefined super-route to greater self-fulfillment, leveraging my attributes seasoned over more than half a century to enrich the lives of others. I am not at the end. No, I am at the beginning. The intersection, the juncture that will lead me to finding my heart. Aligned to my true north.

Yes. Need to correlate the two. Figure out the message. Learn from it. Explore my past. Come to terms with the events good and bad. Integrate them. Bring forward the lessons. Discard the inequities. Tip the bloody Eight of Cups back on its base. Identify the patterns that need casting aside. Bring co-travelers into the inner circle. [Ooh, that will be difficult. I have become so self-reliant, my independent nature soared to the uber-sphere. Anti-dependent, really. Managed my expectations to a bare minimum. Not good.] So, I must build a team. Confidants that can provide support, encouragement, ideas, trouble-shoot ... help guide the process. My navigators, co-pilots. Validate the action plan. Breathe strength back into my confidence so I can venture forth into the World. Carry on.

Cheers? Until tomorrow ...

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