Friday, January 29, 2010

Rounding the 1st bend

Nothing jump-starts a diet like a stomach virus hurling me to the first 5 pound benchmark. Limp as a noodle. Green tinged. Tired as a puppy dog. Resembling Max, the dimpled scarecrow, on my mother's back porch splotched with mildew. Finally, dear readers, I am on my way. Two-thirds from the goal line.

This is not earth shattering. Nano-significance. Infinitesimal. The teeniest of blips in a global perspective. The world outside my front door. The multi-zillion dollar diet biz lures me with its infomercials hawking tummy trimmers, yoga boot camp videos, low fat, low sugar, low carb. Sensory overload. I yo-yo all over the place, hemming and hawing before it 'clicks' and a diet is born. Weight Watchers calls it a lifestyle. But nowhere, and I mean nowhere, is ingesting 19 points (roughly 1000 calories) and imbibing up to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day, a lifestyle I can get my not quite toned upper arms around. Nope. Not by a long shot. Raised in the land of cheesy grits, country ham and biscuits smothered in honey and butter there will be relapses a plenty. TaB and carrots just ain't gonna do it.

Last night it flew into gear. We -- me on the floor of the upstairs bathroom in my disheveled grey cashmere robe and white nightgown shivering with fever ashen white facing the potty ... and ... President Obama on the floor of the house chambers decked in red, white and blue his skin glowing honey emboldened before stone-faced justices, silent military brass and a contentious Congress -- regurgitated a bit of the excesses from the prior year. Shaky beginnings. Unkept promises. Renewed accountability.

Live in the moment. Lay the foundation for the future. Throw hermit ways of deep, cold, icy January into reverse. Slip into jeans less tight. Get out there. Interact with world. Fill up the calendar. Find the light inside and share it unabashedly. Stop being so serious and live a little. Lighten up. Literally.

“But we can’t stop here.” “Let’s get it done” “Let’s seize this moment.” Mr. Obama cheered nearing the end of his ninety minutes laying out what we as a nation must do in 2010. The chamber erupted in applause. Standing ovation. Republicans tried to be glued to their leather seats, but the pull of the rhetoric proved too strong and they rose to its cadences. At least at that moment, on a bitter January day in our country's imposing capitol, they didn’t have a chance. Neither do I. Carpe diem!

Cheers! To the next five melting away. And the next. It won't be tomorrow.

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