Monday, January 4, 2010

Preparing to fly solo

Sunday. Last day of the holiday vacation. Tomorrow I drive my son back to Cambridge, Massachusetts for his final college term. He has much to do: honors thesis prep, trip to London for job interviews and then to Cambridge University to conduct archival research, finalize job applications. Busy. Busy. Filled with excitement re his next step. His foray into the real world a newbie global citizen jazzed by involvement in either emerging market finance or intensive tai-pan training with a Hong Kong multinational conglomerate involved in multiple industry sectors with locations spanning the planet. He's hitting the ground running.

It has been an amazing 21 years. Astounding really. Have I mentioned that I am his sole parent? A mommy-daddy who has nurtured and mentored my bright, inquisitive, compassionate son. Been his personal tour guide as we ventured throughout the world, across America and delved deep into films, art, literature, multi-cultural influences, historic figures and events to enhance and make alive the experience at hand. It has been extraordinary. My son is the best of me and my greatest teacher. That he has taken my professional background and is zinging it exponentially doesn't surprise me. I did the same with my father's. And, he with his. What my son is embarking upon comes naturally. DNA coding. Surreal considering that this remarkable boy whom I birthed as my 'window was closing' is not only my heart, but the essence of my being. But that seems right. He has no father. Just me. I had carte blanche to screw him up or give him roots and his wings loft. Lucky for him (although the jury is still out) my primary objective of raising a child who becomes a happy, well-adjusted thirty year old just might happen. We are 70% into this zany experiment, that happend not by foresight, but by serendipity. A chance discovery. A non-decision. I added vodka ... and let the spirits guide our journey. We hit the jackpot.

So all of this banter brings me back to the year at hand. I am once again flying solo. Grounded by inertia, yet propelled by what I can do now that I have finally grown up. My engines are idling. Preparing to taxi down the runway. I need to conduct those final checks to ensure that the instruments signal the way. My map is dog-earred and rather tatty. The fuselage needs priming ... and to lose that extra 12 pounds to lighten the load. Eyes half shut, the grimace becoming a smile, I am aiming the nose toward the sun streaming on the unknown and unexplored. Here goes!

Cheers! Until tomorrow ...

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  1. Go for it!!! Eyes half open not half shut. Glass half full, not half empty. You can do anything with or without someone at your side, because you are always in our hearts and prayers...Hugs and Kisses, Gayla