Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ready, set, go ... well almost

Wow. I have been typing, backspacing and retyping for over thirty minutes to pen the fabulous essay that drifted across my mind while I slept last night. Thought I had today's post figured out. Just needed to get it onto the page, press save and voila! Amazing what happens when you are certain you'll remember how you wordsmithed the most interesting blog, then ... poof ... your fifty-something head forgot the essence. Anyway, here I sit staring at the keyboard knowing that if I cannot enthrall myself, how the hell will anyone else (aside from my Mom and son) want to tune in for their recurring glimmer into this wild ride. God, I hope it is thrilling and not some pathetic, half-assed year in the life of an aging baby boomer with passions unexplored but no kahunas to pull it off.

So my mission is to chronicle what I hope to be an off-the-beaten path kind of journey. To record my thoughts, the internal debates, the day to day sidetracking that will often thwart my efforts ... but will fuel real adventures: ESL training in Hanoi, creating micro-lending opportunities for village women in Namibia, attending a bona fide milonga in Buenos Aires tango shoes at the ready.

Fortunately I gave myself a month of practice time before the year begins in earnest. To get my sea legs so to speak. My voice. Really to just figure out whether I am in this for the long haul (which I truly believe I am). I have to shake things up. To follow my unrequited dreams, to maybe (and this is a big maybe) meet my twin soul, to become my best self once again. I need to re-imagine the possibilities. To fully immerse myself in the world out there. To meet my demons. To participate fully. That is where I have been falling down lately. So one month until my real B-day (read: blog or birth). Time to get this right. Not the posts, but to get my ample ass in gear. Ground Hog's Day 2010. My 59th. The beginning.

Cheers! Until tomorrow ...

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