Thursday, May 20, 2010

Winning the Lottery ... If 3 Constitutes a Win!

Okay. Something's up. I have purchased lottery tickets sporadically for years. One here. Two there. Mostly quick picks. Some chosen favorites. Dates juxtaposed. Ages. Events. Number of jelly beans in the jar. Whatever.

Occasionally a singular random number matches one in the winning combo. Often not. The odds are more in my favor during the spring meet at Churchill Downs when I handicap the field not by past race results, but by placing a $2 bet on the markings of the jockey's silks. The colors. The hallmarks of the Thoroughbred's training stables. The longest shot.

But my fortune has changed this past week, for the better. Amazingly. When buying chances at the jackpots for Mega Millions or Power Ball the gods smiled. Matched three numbers three times!

Yes, folks. Three winning tickets. $21 to reinvest. 3 squared. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.

Definitely not a retirement strategy. But fun. Way fun. In a roulette-go-to-Vegas-spin-of-the-wheel kind of way. Chance. Dreams. Good fortune.

Sure know how to spend the dough. Educational trust for my children's children first. A sibling, too. My passions ... non-profits, programs. Then travel. Trips to nowhere. Anywhere. And just in between.

Here's to the lotto gods! May they smile good fortune on my tickets a few times more. Who knows where the chips may fall? And hey ... you cannot win if you do not play. After all, 90% of life is just showing up.


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  1. Halfway to the jackpot....and only three to go before I reach the number 6, from where I will write the final chapter of my life. Number 6, a jackpot of unimaginable good fortune, awaiting only my new key in the lock to set it all in perpetual motion.