Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Cusp

My cherished son. My precious Charlie. The sweet center of my life. You are standing on the cusp. On the threshold of the rest of your life. Your tomorrow's tomorrows. And I am swollen with immeasurable love. With immense pride. With intense joy.

You are prepared. Highly. For your amazing leap into adulthood. You carry with you in your heart, on your shoulders and within your soul the requisites. All of them. You have honed each of your special talents and distinguished yourself beyond my most imagined dreams.

As you venture across the globe this autumn your expansive intellect, compassion and zeal for life's discoveries to this unique opportunity to rise in one of those storied, diversified trading companies upon which trade to the East flourished three centuries ago opening routes into the heart of China across emerald rivers, transversing curved mountain ranges to the frozen sea in the north.

This is but a most remarkable journey upon which you have embarked. Soak it in. Make it one with your heart and mind. You, my darling son, are ready.

Your roots are deeply planted and my confidence in the man you have become will provide the loft to fill your wings so that you can soar on high. Journey on with joy, curiosity and always, dearest Charlie, imagine the possibilities.


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