Tuesday, May 18, 2010

60th Year Journey

I am one hundred and four days into celebrating my 60th year with a penchant for surprise. Delight. Discoveries.

For the next two hundred and sixty rotations of the earth tilted and spinning on its axis I will meander happily in and out of my comfort zone ... adventuring precariously to the edge. Pushing the confines of the proverbial envelope. Expansive. Effusive. Awakened.

Come with me. You. You know you want to join in on the fun. And you know who you are. C’mon. Encircle your arms around my waist as we journey to my big 6-0 and beyond in tandem.

What a rush! Pistons charged. Adrenalin flowing. Imagine the possibilities. Our infinite possibilities. Transported from the sparkling white sandy seashore to mountain geysers to distant and ancient lands. And home again. Boundless joy. Boundaryless opportunity.

Fasten our seat belts. Place our tray tables in their locked upright positions. Close our eyes. Hold our breath. We are beginning our ascent. Accelerating. Climbing higher. Soaring. The world takes on a different shape, a swirling blue-green ball shrouded in billowy cotton. A new, longed for perspective. Shared.

Stroll with me into the soft lemony sunshine, cool crisp breeze propelling the journey, our journey, onward. You are out there. I just know it!

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