Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring Awakening

After countless years I feel as if this spring has actually put one in my step. A spring that is. A bounce.

1) It arrived early. Unseasonably early. Which on the coast of Maine is an absolute surprise. And a treasure. Spring generally arrives in June. Lasts a week. And transitions to 90 hazy, hot and humid in a blink.

2) The scent of lilacs in the air! The desire to actually cultivate a few bushes in my yard near the grey weathered Chippendale teak bench.

3) Morning walks through my village neighborhood despite Bailey tugging for sniffs between the rock walls. And her canine buddies we encounter along the way. And sometimes an extra lap in late afternoon shade.

4) My beloved french parrot tulips emerging from winter sleep to regale me with their striated green blooms in early summer.

5) Ceiling fans whir in every room of my charming home bringing the sweet scent of freshly mowed lawns.

6) Evenings deliciously cool as the fresh breeze lulls me to slumber.

7) The smell of charcoal from my neighbor's grill making my tummy growl and my mouth water.

8) My hopes. My dreams. My imagination . My heart. Igniting.

9) A most treasured connection that is coming alive with the narcissus bursting forth to join me on a foray into a new dimension.

Cheers to new beginnings and the anticipation of something more. Way more!

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  1. Cheers and a Happy Spring to you and yours! May the Lilacs bloom long, fresh and sweet around you!