Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sugar Magnolia

Kentucky's on my mind.

Lots of reasons. Last Saturday's Run for the Roses. A most darling friend. Springtime. Promises of good things to come. Sugar magnolia blossoms. I am smiling inside.

My mind drifts back to the sweet smell of azaleas and honeysuckle wafting through my open bedroom window. Starched organdy curtains fluttering from the gentle breeze. Already limp from the humid air. I am lying on my bed. In my childhood home. Safe. Hopeful. Gazing out the window onto leafy trees lining the circular drive. Not quite ready to start my day. The smell of bacon spattering in the cast iron skillet on the island stove in the kitchen. Dogs barking while the neighborhood boys play softball in the Bertoli's front yard.

Bailey nudges me into the present and our overdue morning walk. Together we go out the front door onto the sidewalk. She sniffing the fresh mown lawn tail wagging. Me eager to explore what is just around the corner.

To imagining the possibilities!

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