Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boulder Bridge

So much for getting out of my comfort zone during this fabulous foray toward the big 6-0. That is on moderate hold. But not for long.

Why? You ask.

You know. We all do. Life has a way of getting in the way when you are busy dreaming, making plans and imagining the possibilities.

On hiatus nearly the entire month of April.

First, my hobbled knee put a damper on my spirits. My ability to perambulate. Delightful daily walks curtailed. My mind had no place to go but down. Need the lilt in my step and fresh air in my lungs to keep perspective. Besides, that is when I do my best strategery! Ice packs, Aleve and gentle yoga to the rescue.

Second, it is spring. Along with the vernal equinox and the delicious lilac scented air comes those dreaded weeds. Everywhere. Beds abused by winter's wrath and heavy snow melt needed to be turned, edged, spruced up. Make way for tender shoots of hosta, lilies of the valley, yellow iris and my beloved french parrot tulips. With coffers dangerously low, as you remember ad nauseum, I swung into high gear. Makeshift landscaping tools at the ready. Whipped the grounds [all one-third acre] into summer shape. That laborious task took a few weeks. Wore through two pairs of garden gloves. But it was worth it.

Third, a thin veneer of grimy dust from petro-fired winter-warmth and burning logs had permeated every nook and cranny in my teeny 1800 square foot house. All thirteen rooms. Yes that's right! 13 separate spots in need of thorough-with-a-toothpick cleansing ... bathrooms, foyer, hallway, screen porch, real rooms, et cetera. You get the picture. Sent out a smoke signal to Mr. Clean. Who was conspicuously absent. Where the hell was he this year? Out with the Merry Maids I presume. None were at my beck and call. Sadly. Without the requisite down payment on their new van. So armed with a battery of unopened cleaning supplies commenced erasing every last vestige of winter-grime from hidden surfaces of mop boards, crown molding and, well, under over and around every accessory in my overwhelmed village home.

Mundane work-a-day obstacles littered the path. Ate up an entire month.

The boulders now line the trail. Keeping distractions at bay. The sun is out. My favorite jeans zip and button.

Most alluring: my darling friend is arriving this week to visit Bailey and me chez nous. To play.

Comfort zone be damned!


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Hope the visit goes wonderfully well