Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Bailey: I'm Takin' A Spin

Momma is running out to do errands. It has been months since I contributed to Lemons. You all must really miss me. And besides, I'm getting an itchy dewclaw.

For those of you who don't know me up close and personal, my puppy prep wasn't up to snuff. Not only did the Georgia farmers forget to snip my extra toenail, but they also forgot to remove my lady parts.

But that's another story. Shadow was a rascal. You already know all about that scoundrel. But I loved him.

The arrow points to my dewclaws. I have four of 'em. They hang daintily at the curve of my ankle. Never touching the ground. Sometimes one gets in my way when I'm scratching my nose. One time I made my eyeball reverse in the socket. Poked myself right in the eye. Momma choked me with a pill wrapped in hamburger every morning. I pretended I didn't like it. But I did. Nums. Raw hamburger is a real TREAT.

A dewclaw? Dew? I love traipsing around the wet grass in the yard. Morning dew. Oooh. The SMELLS. Gotta check out the night visitors scampering around. My entire leg gets wet from the dew. Momma makes me SIT so she can wipe off my paws before I slide across the kitchen floor. I can barely stop moving because all I really want is my BREAKFAST.

Oh oh. Here comes Momma. She wants me to go OUTSIDE. Now.

Momma, I'm only moving off this cushy pillow for a TREAT.

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