Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lemon Slices

Peeling the rind from this thick-skinned lemon reveals a few more slices of this steel magnolia than you may or may not (or want to) know. But add me to your beverage of choice, squeeze me over fresh greens or grate me into a light summer mousse for a bit of zest! Refreshing. Promise.

1. I have visited 46 states (North Dakota, Montana, Oregon and Hawaii are still on my list), five continents (here I come South America! not so sure, Antarctica), both Iceland and Greenland and crossed most of the world's oceans. I am scheduling a fast jaunt via Amtrak from the Twin Cities across those three states in the Lower 48 I am missing. And plan to hula in Hawaii on a forthcoming trip to southeast Asia. Argentina has been a destination for most of the past five years. A milonga in Buenos Aires awaits. The frozen southern nether reaches are not in my scope quite yet. Although I did see some dwarf penguins in South Africa near the Cape of Good Hope. So you never know!

2. In my next life (I know I am coming back and that is another story), I'll be a hoofer (chorus girl, not race horse) on Broadway. Being 'on the boards' is in my soul. Something tells me in a prior life I was an ill-fated ballerina in 19th century France, or a courtesan. Not too sure. The musicality, talent and the grace has eluded me in this carnation ... but not in my dreams!

3. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. I senselessly harbored the deepest feelings for a gentle man who could never commit. Despite nearly thirty years of hapless and countless near hookups traversing the country from the Colorado Rockies to the megalopolis on the East Coast. Life goes on.

4. My number one secret pleasure is _______. Hey, if I made it known in this public forum with all to know, then it wouldn't be mine to hide guiltily.

5. I miss my Grandma Alice more than you'd ever imagine. Sadly, I am living her life sans the glamour.

6. Country western music is so much better in the southwest. I loved two-stepping backwards across a floor covered in sawdust and cornmeal. Sliding in my tan suede cowgirl boots in Oklahoma cowboy bars. Yee-haw!

7. My iced tea is brewed fresh daily from Earl Grey, Constant Comment and orange pekoe. I love it sweetened with Sweet and Low, garnished with oranges ... but never (and I mean not ever) sliced lemons. That lemonade-iced tea concoction favored at country clubs and golf courses would never pass my lips. Nor can I tolerate lemon slices in water, TaB, diet coke. Lemons are for salmon, lobster, Dover sole, asparagus. Now you know. Limes on the other hand add zip to cola!

Cheers ... to peeling back a bit more from this pithy citrus and punching up the flavor a notch or two!


  1. This was fun to read, my fellow traveler and foodie! You mentioned a milonga in Argentina -- I just finished reading TANGO by Camille Cusumano so knew what the word meant. I do not tango, but in my next life I do want to be a dancer. I must have a next life because there is so much more to do and to be than will fit in one life.

    About the lemons -- I love, love, lemons. I also love, love, love real tea (the exact flavors you mentioned, quite coincidentally). Mostly love them hot, having grown up in a rainy cold climate.

    Although I savored the colors and flavors of your ramblings, I must admit to experiencing a slight pucker. And I feel compelled to tell you why. I sincerely hope you will not be crushed, or enraged, or offended. Here it comes:

    Sweet and Low?!!!

    Why would you adulterate such lovely, natural, beautiful tea flavors with factory chemicals? Sigh.

  2. Not crushed one iota. Au contraire. A girl's gotta have one horribly disgusting hard to break habit. The pink packets are mine! But ... in the spirit of trying all things new I'll go a week without the fripperies of artifice. Cheers, kindred spirit!

  3. Nice post! I do favor lime over lemons. But I do enjoy a good chicken piccata, and that's got a lemony butter base.

    You're such a traveler!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I adored I know so much more about you! (and at 8:11am I am craving lobster)

    And chorus girl is WAAAAAY hotter than a race horse! *whew* Had me scared there for a moment...

    (ps. Constant Comment is one of my faves--have you tried celestrial seasonings "bengal spice" in your tea? Divine!)

  5. Loved reading about your iced tea combination! Citrus fruits really do add a nice zip to iced tea -- and pairing orange slices with Constant Comment is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea