Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Around the World in Eighty Days

Lemons is global!

As of today Lemons, propelled by wanderlust, insatiable curiosity and off-the-cuff insights, has landed this Steel Magnolia on five continents! Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! RecepciĆ³n! Welkom! Vinda!

Even transported to South American where this trepid soul has not yet adventured. The Aussie wallabies downunder have yet to amble by to share some cheer and ramblings from this fork in the road. But are most welcome.

Interestingly, nearly every traveler outside the U. S. lives near the sea. Lusty breezes luring you to my coastal home.

And daily I open my arms to my new American friends visiting from the heartland, the northeast, the deep south and New England.

It is a pleasure most profound to be interconnected at home and abroad with you. Joined in outbursts of zany irreverence, sublime wit, brilliant observations, kindred spirits.

Cheers, fellow travelers! To the toasts of my town: Y'all comeback now. Ya hear?

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  1. I love the international nature of this blogosphere. I have a little flag counter and have visitors from 60 countries. I am especially amazed by people from teeny little countries I've never heard of or those behind the former communist line. I too have fewer south American visitors (though a few--mostly Colombian)--I think because SA is one of the few large areas on earth where English isn't widely used. Everywhere else is 'too close together' to not be bilingual and English becomes a common language.