Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am changing the name of my column. Ever so slightly. In honor of my dear friends. The BSers (as we are known affectionately). My intimate dinner group of four trusted trustees of our beloved Brick Store Museum who found in each other similar sensibilities, convivial spirits and much laughter several years ago.

PJ, Bruce, Chris and I. All singletons when the tradition began. Now expanded to include significant others or guests (which is rare). Our friends covet our camaraderie and escapades. Who wouldn't want to be in the company of four bemused fifty-somethings?

Bimonthly one of us gourmands wanting to share our culinary skills with the others. We gather for hours of gaiety and gracious entertaining. Now I know what you are thinking. And, yes, you are probably correct. We each can spin some yarn. Pontificate on subjects inane and cultured. Weave a fantabulous story to the delight of each other.

One sultry, steamy August night, PJ ... whose stunning beach side home was filled with laughter and starlight ... served sorbet and lemon cookies with a strange new drink. A sweet yellow delight chilled frosty. One easily flowed to the next to the next to the next. The evening made all the more hysterical, or sublime, or witty or earth shattering (not quite certain which) as we glowed in the after supper candlelight sipping a liqueur glass of ice cold limoncello.

The Italian digestivo. Made from Sorrento lemons in southern Italy along the Amalfi Coast. Capri. Anacapri. Winding mountain roads by the navy blue sea shimmering with sun sparkles. The devil's drink. A cleverly disguised sophisticated grown up lemonade. To cool the night. PJ brought a bit of Italian romance to our group of darling BSers. Not that romance. But the romance of supping on the terrace overlooking the sea. Hammered.

So as the weather turns mild and the sun sits a bit higher in the sky I look forward to our summer suppers by the sea made all the more bright with a sip or two of our now cherished limoncello.

Cheers to the BSers ... and the stretch of road along the Gulf of Naples!

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