Friday, July 2, 2010

Sexy, Sweet and Kind ... Oh My!

I finally heard it. For the first time ever. Words that rocked my soul sending tingles up my spine and a smile deep into my heart. I held the phone away from my ear so I could breathe. Tears of joy.

Sexy and sweet and kind. Oh my. I believe I heard correctly. I do believe. I do believe. His distinctive Boston accent telling me, me (!), what I have waited thirty-five years to hear. That I am attractive and worthy and lovable. Me! Oh my.

One door slams shut. Another opens. Lemony sunshine streams in.

So six months into my journey the thoroughfare on which I am travelling unfolds unabashedly in front of me. Bringing with it the possibility of truly, finally aligning my intellect with my heart. Balance. Leveraging my graceful, generous spirit from those heady early days when my youthful innocence required minimal adjustments. Uncomplicated. Confidence in tact. The sweet naïvité of my youth fast forwarded into the shadows of the Emerald City! Excitedly the yellow brick road, my circuitous path through this sixtieth year beckons. Pointing the way to new discoveries, cherished old friends, enchanted possibilities.

Not solely without a pinch of discomfort. Traversing a slightly uneven landscape can sometimes be difficult on the traveler. Especially when pushing the boundaries. Stepping beyond that secure environment in which I have become complacent. Watch out for the flying monkeys and the fields of red poppies!

To fully reap the richness, extract the last drop of honey, delicately expand my horizon I must bump up against early fears and insecurities. Meet my demons. Experiment with unfamiliar behaviors and untried experiences. Create fresh paradigms. Embrace a changing environment. Shake things up. Surrender a bit of my overly-protected independence.

Yes. It's time. Way overdue. Hey universe, what's in store? The road to Oz lures me from my familiar zone of comfort ... and I'm whistling a diffferent tune!

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  1. (I'm sure you had another post up here sometime ago?). Anyway, I'm glad that you still have so much to look forward to and long may that last.