Saturday, July 10, 2010

Robin's Egg Blue

My sister Robin is wise. An old soul. Her wisdom spans time. She is a quiet spirit. Contemplative. A natural guide. Instinctive.

Twice she has led me out of the quagmire. Two times.

Not that I wasn't already about to make my moves, but her insights confirmed my beliefs. Easily. Propelled me to take the action necessary to free me from the brambles which were strangling the essence of me, detrimentally.

Twice. The only even prime number. Divisible only by itself and one. Primality. Simplicity. A compositness test. The basis for cryptology. Hidden meanings. With her honed intuition, she nails the issue. Frames it logically, if not a bit emotionally borne from a decade of turmoil.

Perceptive. Not unlike me. My innermost thoughts that propel my journey. Rightly. Or, wrongly. Fueling the direction of my travels. Unhooked from societal demands. Unconventional. Strategic and brave.

A debt of gratitude for once again illuminating my path so that I can remove the danger lurking so closely.

Cheers to my darling baby sissor, for whom I have a deep and loving connection, whose heartstrings are intricately interwoven with mine!

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