Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cicada Song

Like the Magicicada we emerge every seventeen years or so from deep within our respective lives. Reconnecting after a period of hibernation and personal evolution. Bound together in some spiritual, kinetic manner. Sharing a similar rhythm; and not so impossibly, prior lives. In a not so small sense, we were born again to be together. Forever.

Our mutual cadence is lyrical and melodic. Not interrupted by phrasing and syncopations that bi-bop and scat. The underlying rhapsody returns to the original score. Always. Our mating song coming from many directions at once. United by first love. Surrounded by the billowy gentle innocence of our youth. Souls intertwined. Inexplicably.

Our courtship song, is quiet. Drawing me closer. Lulled, confident and safe. Finally.


  1. OMG, I just realized how many of your posts I have missed?! How did that happen. Going back to read them all. You ARE on my blog roll. Silly, Dawn.

  2. Dawn, what fun to have you as one of the sweet lemons in the bowl. Cheers! Allie