Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Things I Hate About ...

... this freakin' weather!
  1. Average rainfall in March is a little over 4 inches. This month we have gotten 22 inches of precipitation, two days remain and the forecast is not good.
  2. Standing water between my yard and my fortunate neighbor who winters on Florida's West Coast is attracting Mallards pleasing Bailey, but duck poo is floating there, too.
  3. Despite my healing knee, there are no walks, even short jaunts, around my lovely neighborhood.
  4. In fact, I am unable reach the partially submerged Chippendale bench in the corner of my yard to bask in the milder spring air and contemplate things while Bailey sniffs her haunts.
  5. My basement (and the many things stored down under) smell perpetually of mildew that Lysol and Febreze and the dehumidifier are not concealing.
  6. And worse, is growing a rubbery white science experiment in the space beneath the winding narrow wooden stairs worthy of Mrs. Andrews 10th grade biology class.
  7. My two sump pumps are working overtime and the submersible pump and the Wet-Vac are required to sop up the overflow.
  8. Speaking of the Wet-Vac, emptying 8 gallons of sloshing water in the slop sink by the washer and dryer is a major effort.
  9. Bailey has smelled like a wet dog for weeks. Keeps wanting to go outside to bark at the ducks. And to top it off: her breath stinks!
  10. I'm so bored I want to spit which would only add to the precipitation and not befit my ladylike demeanor. Oh what the hell.

At least it's not snow! Cheers.


  1. Dear God, thank you it's not snow!

    And girl, just get a pitcher and empty out the first four gallons one scoop at a time! (if you throw your back out in addition to your knee--you're gonna hate life!)

  2. Chantel, I am taking your advice! Salut ...