Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miss Bailey: Momma is Outta Here

Oh. Oh. I know something is up. Momma is carrying up those big black things with handles from the basement. Her things are everywhere. She has piles of stuff on the table. Oh boy. Wherever I look things are out of place. I am getting nervous. Oh, Momma, please don't go away.

Oh oh. I know she is going to leave me at that camp in the country. Where there are other dogs, but I can hear them bark. No fair. I can smell them and see them only when it is their turn to go out and TINK. I do like my people there. They are so nice and give me TREATS. Just not as many as Momma. And, there are fewer tummy rubs. But those little boys are fun to watch. They zoom around the barn on those funny looking machines with wheels beeping their squeaky horns and ringing some bells. Makes me go outside to my very own backyard.

Mostly I just zone out on my trampoline bed a few inches off the floor. Looking sad. Waiting for Momma. Every time my camp people come in I think Momma will be with them. I sniff and sniff but can't smell her sweet scent or hear her bracelets rattle. They make the same noise as the charms on my sundress collar. We sound alike, Momma and me. But we don't smell alike. Nope. I smell like a dog. Sometimes a wet dog. She always smells so good. I like to see if I can tell where she has been when she comes home. I can sometimes smell that bad boy Moby. But my favorite is when I can smell Grandbobbie or my Charlie. Gheesh. I wish she would take me when she sees them.

Oh oh. I can hear her shutting drawers and walking across the floor. I wanna go UPSTAIRS to lie in CHARLIE'S ROOM so I can be close. A big stack of laundry is on the bottom step blocking my way. Momma, please can I come UPSTAIRS. I am sulking now. Lying as close to the bottom step as I can get. My head on my front paws. I am so sad. Momma don't go.

Oh goody. Here she comes. And we are going for a WALK. I am wagging my tail so fast that I almost fall over. Ooops I do. I am so happy. I am smiling. Oh. Here she comes with my LEASH and a TREAT. I SIT and try to face her, but I really hate that thing. She slips it over my nose and neck. But sits. Momma? Are we going for a WALK? I lie down. She is putting on her clunky shoes and black sunglasses that make her look silly and chic at the same time. Momma, let's go. This is the best day ever. We are going OUTSIDE into the sunshine. I am going to see all my buddies. Sniff everywhere. TINK and sniff and wag my tail. Yep. I am such a happy girl. Maybe if I smile and show all my teeth and wag my tail and be so good she will not leave and take me to camp.

Cheers, Momma. Another TREAT, please!


  1. Thank you for the dog voice. Surely you're channeling that boy. When our little guys know we're preparing to travel you can tell they get anxious and more than a little bummed. But going to Camp Patty - to see cousin Presley - always makes it better.

  2. Somehow it is always better with friends!