Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slow to Post: Ramblings from the Other Coast Delayed

... am in not so sunny southern California where the temperatures are as chilly as those we left yesterday morning in wintertime New England. But the views of Catalina Island from my sister's stunning hillside home are rivaled only by the majestic palms leading up the drive.

My musings will be delayed. Overtaken by to the festivities of this joyous family event so long in the making. But take heart ... I have copious notes written on envelopes and napkins from the past few days that are sure to entertain. It has been zany to say the least. And quite the ride.

So kick back ... add another maraschino cherry and a dash of bitters. I'll be right back. Cheers!


  1. Well I don't know. I get here just in time for you to go. I'll make some more cocktails and hang about.

  2. Madame! Thanks for visiting. Make yourself at home. Pour yourself another ... I'll be back at the beginning of the week.