Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tapered candles flicker throwing a soft glow over my friends. The shadows bounce. Smiling faces erupt in the gaiety of tinkling giggles as another swig of Vitamin V swills smoothly down our throats. Mine of course is G. Up with three olives!

It is the eve of our annual soiree. Casual meeting of like spirits. Like minds. Aligned sense of adventure. No hangers on. No wannabes. Not this time. Just the four of us. The original cast of characters. Trustees unattached. A ship of not so foolish souls.

Witty banter. Sophisticated palates. Global travelers we. Enjoying the camaraderie and festive joys of our five year old friendship. Suppers extraordinaire. Decanted lovelies. Tonight's fare: poached salmon with cucumber dill sauce and summer salad of Bibb lettuce and peaches. Lemon mousse with blueberry coulis for dessert. Nectar of the gods flowing freely.

Cheers to my darling friends: Bruce, PJ and Chris. Without them the winters in Maine would be a bit lonelier and the summers not as delightful.

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